Move 'N' Sit Cushion

Today I want to tell you about how I helped my fellow programmer friend with her lower back pain that she was suffering with and how the ‘move n sit’ cushion provided instant relief and got her started on the strengthening mindset.

Before I talk about the 'move n sit' cushion and its benefits I think it would be a good idea to put this into context for you by telling you about a real workplace scenario where the cushion was used to provide relief for lower back pain.

I’ve recently started working for a new employer as a programmer and over the last few weeks I’ve been hearing complaints from the junior programmer regarding her lower back.

As I watched she would be constantly adjusting the seating position as she was struggling with the pain and worse still end up sitting with an unhealthy posture as it seemed to help the pain in the short term.

On analysis and a brief conversation regarding her day to day routine I had a feeling her core muscles could be weak. She told me she often went running in the evenings as a form of exercise, however I also learnt that she carried out no core strengthening exercises what so ever.

She assumed like many others that running was good for her back so that in turn her core is probably strong.

My main aim at this stage was to help her get relief from the back pain she was encountering every time she sat down on her chair to computer program for long periods of time without standing up for a break (often the case for many programmers).

Enter the ‘Move n Sit’ Cushion. I remembered from my own back pain struggle that sitting on this cushion provided relief due to the unstable nature while sitting on it. Therefore, one morning I bought my cushion into work for her to trial and see if it would help her lower back pain while sitting. Keep reading to hear the outcome….

After placing the cushion on her chair, sitting on it provided her with instant relief which was something she wasn’t able to achieve before. Initially she sat on it for 1 hour and then took a break and reverted back to her pervious sitting habit.

What I found interesting was that now, the pain she was feeling in her lower back was completely gone!

From this we both learnt that her core muscle groups are in fact weak and that the inner lower back muscles are probably not functioning as they should be due to prolonged sitting.

She later sat a further 1 hour on the move n sit cushion in the afternoon and it appears that this was all that was needed to resolve her back pain issue.

I have since suggested that she alternates between sitting with the move n sit cushion and without throughout the day to help her long term.

Now that I have explained the back story lets take a look in a little more detail into the Move n Sit cushion.

Move n Sit Cushion Features

  • The Sit n Move cushion is a wedge shape cushion that is very portable and easy to carry. It is air filled which you can blow into yourself and this creates the instability while you sit on it. As a result your lower back and core muscles start to engage while seated which yields an improved overall posture along with better core stability.
  • Due to the versatility of the cushion, it can be used on either a chair or on the floor. With its thick flexible PVC materiel it is also strong enough to be stood on to develop your core strength.
  • Think of sitting on the Sit n Move cushion similar to if you were to sit on a therapy or Swiss Ball, but only it is more portable and convenient.
  • There are two sides to the cushion, one side is smooth and the other side has raised dimples which provides additional sensory inputs when you sit on it.

I’ll be honest, sitting on the cushion is not supposed to feel comfortable.

If this is what you think the cushion is for, I’m afraid you may find yourself a little disappointed. The cushion is supposed to feel a little uncomfortable when sitting on it as it creates an unstable experience while sat on it. This as I’ve said before gets core muscles groups engaged which may not necessarily be activated when sitting on a regular chair.

One final note, the cushion can be inflated as much or as little as needed, however don’t over inflate it as as air is required to make it wobble when you are sitting or standing on it.

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