What is a Chiropractic Wobble Cushion?

A Chiropractic Wobble cushions is a small round inflatable cushion which is strong enough to both sit and stand on.

When sitting on an inflated cushion, instability is created which encourages engagement of your lower back and core muscle groups. The great thing about the wobble cushion is that you can use it both on a chair or on the floor, especially if you workout, which I cover later on in this post.


Chiropractic Wobble Cushion to help with posture and prevent back pain


Common Characteristics of the Wobble Cushion

They are often smooth on one side and have raised dimples on the other for additional sensory input. They are not meant to be too comfortable, they are meant to be unstable and slightly uncomfortable to make sitting down a physical exercise. Don’t make the mistake to leave it on the side if you find it uncomfortable to sit on.

The wobble cushion can be a great supplement to your fitness as it will allow you to build muscle tone when used for standing on, thus improving your balance and also some have said concentration too.

Let me cover some of the factors you should look out for if you are looking to invest in one of these chiropractic wobble cushions.

Firstly, it is recommended that you ensure that the cushion is made from flexible PVC free material.

It should not contain phthalates or latex.

Secondly, the cushion will often come with a small valve in the back for easy inflation by blowing directly into the valve. I will warn you at this point that these valves can sometimes be a pain to take out. What I’ve found is to try squeezing the rubber to create a gap to try and grip the valve with your fingers, but watch your nails!

Now, let’s focus on the positives – there are several benefits associated with sitting or standing on a wobble cushion. I’ll talk about these below:

5 Benefits Of Using A Wobble Cushion

Reduces Stress

Everyone goes through some form of stress daily. For most people, this stress is physical and can have a significant impact on the body. For instance, sitting on non-ergonomic chairs for long periods can have notable effects on the lower back. You begin to note some stiffness and discomfort in the lower back, and one of the ways to handle this pain is by using a wobble cushion.

The chair’s movement improves blood flow and oxygenation through your spinal discs, helping to relieve stress in the process.

Heals Damage

In the event of any injuries from spinal exercises, wobble cushions can be an amazing option in the rehabilitation process. The higher the level of flexibility in the spine, the lower the chances of recurrence for an injury. With a wobble cushion, you can improve spinal flexibility through the rehydration of the lumbar discs and the improvement of cerebrospinal fluid circulation. Since there is no direct blood supply to the spinal discs, movement helps pump in healthy fluid and remove waste.

Reduces Pain

Chiropractic care and regular exercise that encourage movement are known to help reduce lower back pain. The use of chiropractic wobble exercise is currently a major approach to pain reduction

Improves Core Stability

As I said earlier, wobble cushions help to improve your core stability with some sitting and standing sessions over some time.

Help Balance and Concentration

Wobble cushion exercises can also help improve your balance and concentration.

How To Choose The Best Wobble Cushion?

Currently, several manufacturers produce wobble cushions around the world. This can make finding the best wobble cushion difficult. However, below I have selected a few wobble cushions to help you with your purchasing decisions:

Gaiam Balance Disc Wobble Cushion Stability Core Trainer for Home or Office Desk Chair

[amazon box=”B0765YXW38″ /]

The Gaian Balance Disc is a fantastic choice when it comes to wobble cushions. Apart from the fact that it can be used in both home and office, it is also designed to be suitable for kids.

The disc is about 16 inches in diameter.

Some of the perks of the Gaiam Balance Disc includes:

Active Seating At Home And Office

The disc can be used for active sitting at both your home and office. This way, you can enjoy the several advantages of a wobble cushion while going about your regular work.


Gaiam Balance disc is also suitable for different strength and balance exercises, which might involve both sitting and standing. The cushion can also be used as a meditation cushion if you’re looking for something comfy for your sessions.

Suitable for Kids

As mentioned, the balance disc can also be used by kids and can offer a good way for hyperactive children to release excess energy.


Balance Disc – Stability Wobble Cushion – Pump Included

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The Balance Disc is another fantastic product to look out for when looking for wobble cushions. It is also suitable for home and office use as it can be used for active sitting.

However, even beyond this, the balance disc can be used across a wide range of fitness programs, including pilates, yoga, and several exercise routines. The Balance Disc has a 13″ diameter, which makes it suitable for most routines.

Another notable pro of the Balance Disc is that it is suitable for children as a wiggle seat. The wobble cushion is made totally from eco-friendly materials as no phthalates, latex, or glues were used in the manufacturing process.


Gymnic Movin Sit Inflatable Wedge Seat

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This is one that I specifically have and use from time to time, especially when I need to switch things up due to prolonged sitting as a dev.

How To Sit On A Wobble Cushion?

Right, as silly as it sounds, let’s now talk about how we should sit on it.

To start using your wobble cushion, you should firstly inflate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most chiropractic wobble cushions can be easily inflated by inserting the end of a hand pump and pumping the cushion until its firm, after which you can remove the pump and insert the valve closure to seal it off.

Place the wobble cushion on a chair, ideally one without arms, so you don’t use it as support, otherwise it can prevent you from enjoying the full effects of the wobble cushion, wibble wobble 🙂

Here is a dummies guide to sitting on the wobble cushion:

  • Sit on the wobble cushion and place your feet flat on the floor
  • Bring your feet together
  • Allow your knees to fall to the side
  • Try to adjust your balance as the center of gravity shifts while sitting on the cushion

How To Stand On A Wobble Cushion?

Apart from their use as seats, wobble cushions can also double as wobble boards.

This means that you can use them to work on strengthening your back and leg as well as achieving balance.

Before standing on your wobble cushion, it is vital to look out for the manufacturer’s instruction on the weight limit of your wobble cushion. The task is to try to maintain your balance when standing or kneeling on the wobble cushion.

You can start with 10-second counts and work your way up. You can easily switch between sitting and standing when using the wobble cushion.

Here are some simple steps for basic standing exercises on a wobble cushion:

– Move the wobble cushion to the floor and place your feet on it.
– Slowly rotate the cushion clockwise 20 times with your feet.
– Reverse direction and slowly rotate 20 times counterclockwise.

While we are on the topic of fitness, I may as well explain some of the ways you can use the wobble cushion for exercise. Keep reading …

How to Exercise on a Wobble Cushion

Balance Exercise

Balance exercise using a wobble cushion is designed to help develop stance confidence. All you have to do is stand on the cushion with the edges of your feet and maintain a neutral spine.

You can then balance on the board by moving your weight to prevent any of the cushion’s edges from touching the floor. The goal is to maintain a balance for 20 seconds. You can then repeat the 20 seconds sessions to form a set.


The wobble cushion can also be used for squats, which focuses on the glutes, thighs, and core. All you have to do is stand on the cushion with your feet on the outer edges. Once you have established your balance, you can then slowly lower into a parallel squat. Try as much as possible to hold the bottom position while trying to keep the edges of the cushion from touching the floor.

It is crucial to ensure that you do not round your back or hunch over during this session.


Pushups are also important in developing the core, chest, and triceps. You can also use the wobble cushion for pushups. Firstly, position yourself in a pushup position.

Grab the edges of your cushion and perform ten pushups as you lower your torso towards the board.


Are Wobble Cushions beneficial?

Yes, wobble cushions offer a wide range of benefits to you. Wobble cushions are highly beneficial accessories due to the improvement of posture and balance to its positive effects in pain therapy.

Are Wobble Cushions compulsory in exercise routines?

Wobble cushions are not compulsory in some basic routines. However, with a wobble cushion, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of several workout routines. This is why they are highly recommended.


In conclusion, if you are the kind of person that sits over a long period at work or is looking for something to improve the quality of your workout routines, you should consider getting a wobble cushion. Regardless of what your routine is, you can be sure that a wobble cushion will come in handy.