About Me

Hi, My name is Mitesh and I’m an Ex-Chronic Back Pain Sufferer.

Working as a software developer, I suffered from a serious back injury a few years ago because I had ignored the warning signs from my lower back.

As a result this affected me both physically and mentally, not to mention financially for years until I was able to find a permanent drug-free solution.

Being a natural problem solver and determined in everything I do with the things that matter to me, I eventually found a system which includes a set of exercises and techniques which when applied gradually over time, cured my years of lower back pain for good and gave me a very healthy lower back which is now strong and more resilient than it has ever been.

To find out a bit more about what happened to me and the many struggles I went through both physically and physiologically, click here to learn about my journey.

To read about what I’ve learnt along the way and how I view the lower back I suggest you read the following two posts:

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Thank You