Back Builder Training Program


The exercises in this Level are the most fundamental exercises you should be able to perform with ease before progressing onto any of the other levels.


In this Level, we will build upon the existing exercises from Level 1 by adding some resistance and also by introducing the plank exercise.


In this level, we will introduce some machines that will isolate the various muscle groups that you’ve been training in Levels 1 & 2 using your bodyweight.

These exercises will require the use of special gym equipment, which you can find in your local gym. However if you don’t, then I suggest you find a gym that has them as they will greatly improve the strength in core and lower back.


In Level 4 we will build upon what you did in Level 3 by adding a little more resistance and introducing 3 new exercises. 

Stretching guide

Stretching can be incorporated at any time throughout however, I strongly suggest them following Level 3 & Level 4 strengthening.

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