Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back

These routines have been taken from many disciplines such as yoga, pilates and weight training. Combined, they form your framework for Strengthening your lower back.

We start light with just body weight to be safe, this lets you focus on your form and gets your mind and body activating key muscle groups which may otherwise be inactive.

We then gradually challenge these muscle groups further, adding more resistance to make them work harder and then allow them to recover which leads to an increase in strength and endurance.

It is important you track your progress so you can increase the resistance or weight more than the previous workout once the exercise becomes too easy.

Hyperextension Bench Exercise

This exercise was the true game changer for me and I haven’t looked back since.

The hyperextension bench was one of the key pieces of gym equipment that really excelled my lower back strength since using it.

The Bridge Exercise

The bridge exercise targets the glute muscle and erector spinae.

These are the muscles that help you maintain an upright posture when sitting or standing.

Regular glute and erector spinae based strengthening will help you maintain a good posture.

The Plank Exercise

One of the key advantages of the plank exercise is that it helps in developing a strong stable lower back.

Bird Dog Exercise

I was prescribed the bird dog exercise when I was recovering from my lower back injury a few years ago.

It should be the very first exercise you should perform if you feel like you need to stabilise your spine, especially if you are recovering from an injury.

The Back Extension Machine

Done correctly the seated back extension isolates these muscle groups so you can feel only your lower back being worked during the exercise.

The Lat Pulldown

The Lat pulldown is a safe exercise that helps strengthen the muscles required for the pull up.

The Cable Crunch

The kneeling cable crunch is a great way to build up ab strength as it targets all your abdominal muscle groups throughout the motion.

Hyperextension With Weight

The hyperextension bench exercise but with added resistance

Using a weight plate to add additional resistance on this classic back strengthening exercise

Bird Dog With Ankle Weight

I was prescribed the bird dog exercise when I was recovering from my lower back injury a few years ago.

Increase your resistance by using ankle weights

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