Exercises to Build Core Strength & Improve Posture

These routines have been taken from many disciplines such as yoga, pilates and weight training. Combined, they form your framework for developing a healthy spine.

We start light with just body weight to be safe, this lets you focus on your form and gets your mind and body activating key muscle groups which may otherwise be inactive.

We then gradually challenge these muscle groups further, adding more resistance to make them work harder and then allow them to recover which leads to an increase in strength and endurance.

It is important you track your progress so you can increase the resistance or weight more than the previous workout once the exercise becomes too easy.

It is this cycle of challenging the muscle one step at a time and recovering that forms the basis for developing a stronger spine.

Your exercises should consist of a combination of the 8 routines below. Together, these routines build your core strength.

Bird Dog Exercise

Bridge Exercise
Plank Exercise
Hyper Extension Bench Exercise
Back Extension Machine
Cable Crunch
Lat Pull Down
Leg Press (coming soon)

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