Do You Struggle
With Your Lower Back?

Too much sitting and working hunched over a computer screen or laptop will make your lower back muscles weak.

Most back pain is caused by injury to the muscle tissue around the spine that has become weak as a result.

Weak back muscles cause pain which makes exercising more difficult.

My ebook will teach you how to strengthen your core and weak lower back muscles so you can get fit and healthy for today's digital demands.

Weak lower back muscles

80% of back problems are due to weak lower back muscles. In today’s digital world we spend a lot of time sitting. Sitting all day contributes to underdeveloped glutes & poor stomach muscles, which all work together with the lower back.

All of a sudden you feel a lot older than you actually are just because of your lower back.

You spend your days mostly sitting slouched at work. You know this is wrong but you can’t sit correctly due to discomfort and poor posture from a lack of core strength and support.

Follow a step-by-step strengthening program

Weak Back Builder will teach you how to strengthen your lower back so you can avoid back pain or injury due to a sedentary lifestyle.

My book will walk you through step by step strengthening exercises that are guaranteed to strengthen your core and weak lower back.

You will be taught proven exercises that you can do at home and key isolated exercises that you can perform at the gym.

My book will also teach you 'How & When' to progress as your core becomes stronger so you avoid injuries.

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About the author

Working as a software developer, I suffered from a serious back injury a few years ago because I had ignored the warning signs from my lower back.

With constant agony and chronic lower back pains, it took me about two years of extensive research, trial & error and belief in myself to find a solution to this problem.

However, being a natural problem solver, I persevered in looking for a solution.

My efforts greatly paid off as I came to realise the importance of carrying out lower back strengthening exercises in a disciplined step by step regimen.

What's inside
  • Step by step strengthening exercises that are guaranteed to strengthen your weak lower back
  • Teaches you exercises you can do at home and at the gym
  • Learn from someone who currently uses his own system to remain strong, lean and pain free

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