Do You Struggle
With Your Lower Back?

Too much sitting and working hunched over a computer screen or laptop will make your lower back muscles weak.

Most back pain is caused by injury to the muscle tissue around the spine that has become weak as a result.

Weak back muscles cause pain which makes exercising more difficult.

My ebook will teach you how to strengthen your core and weak lower back muscles so you can get fit and healthy for today's digital demands.

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I Will Teach You How To Strengthen Your Lower Back

After 5 years of pain and anguish I began my journey of strength, growth and lifelong healing.

My problems started in the usual way, a niggle here and there, But I ignored these warning signs and eventually landed with a serious lower back injury as aresult.
I visited a number of doctors and physiotherapists, but they could not help me. I found myself spending more and more time treating my symptoms.

Being a natural problem solver I wanted to understand the root cause of my problem.

Through trial and error, determination and daily practice I developed a foolproof system of exercises and techniques, which when applied in the correct sequence and over the correct time period cures lower back pain for good.

I now have a strong body and stable lower back and spine which has never been more reslient than today.

My website aims to educate and inform others about my journey and lessons learnt.

It is unnecessary to live in suffering. However due to the constraints of our modern lifestyles we are forced to make compromises in our activities and habits.

I invite you to learn together with me and discover how to heal back pain forever.

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