Are you a Techie sat on your ASS all day trying to keep up with all the tooling & languages needed to stay ahead in the Tech World?

Terraform, Azure devops, Azure Functions, Azure App Services, Azure Congintive search, Azure Cosmos, Azure SQL Server, React, SignalR, Rabbit, Mouse, Shark Fish ...

You get the idea ...

Too much sitting and learning hunched over a computer screen or laptop will make your lower back muscles stiff and weak.

Most back pain is caused by injury to the muscle tissue around the spine that has become weak as a result.

Don't burn yourself out. Learn how to build your core strength so you can improve your posture, concentrate better when learning and stay fit & healthy in the Tech World.


Working as a software developer, I suffered from a serious back injury a few years ago because I had ignored the warning signs from my lower back. With constant agony and chronic lower back pains, it took me about two years of extensive research, trial & error and belief in myself to find a solution to this problem.